Shipping & Returns Policy

All new orders are shipped under 24 hours.

According to your location and the postal service process you might receive your order within 3 to 4 days.

  • Orders are processed on a daily basis and you can check the status of your order for shipping by visiting our shopping cart or product pages. If the order is not shipped in the same day due to order load it will definitely be shipped within 24 hours.
  • We use reliable postal services to deliver orders to your doorstep.
  • For all orders in the US it might take an average of 3 days for the orders to reach you after shipping.
  • Our orders are seldom delayed, however, if you do not receive the order within a week you should contact us.
  • For international orders it might take more than four weeks, as the delivery system in some countries is slower than others.
  • Shipping and returns policy of Patch Dealer is provided below. It is advised that customers read these regulations and terms before placing any order. You can contact us if you have any queries.
  • The right to cancel an order and issue refund lies with us. If an order has different addresses for billing and shipping it needs to be verified through phone before shipping. In such cases if a phone number has not been provided the order gets cancelled.

Returns Policy

  • New, unused or unopened items can be returned within 30 days. The entire amount will be refunded other than shipping and handling charges.
  • The products can be returned after 30 days only if they have not been used. To get a refund, this product needs to be approved by us and if it is returned after 60 days you might not get the amount refunded. However, you will be able to purchase other products as it will be added to store credit.
  • If there has not been a mistake on our part then the customer needs to pay for the return shipping charges.
  • Refund is processed within 24 hours of receiving the returned order. It might take a few days for the amount to be credited to your account, through which payment was made.
  • To return your order you need to login to your account and visit the ‘My Orders’ page. Along with the list of your orders you also have an option to return them using the return button next to each order.
  • The shipping and handling fee that was charged for your order will not be refunded.
  • Your return might be charged with a restocking fee. If there are more than 10 items, at least 10% restocking fees will be charged. It takes time for us to assemble orders with so many items, which is why this additional amount is charged to cover the charges of adding and removing the items to and from the physical inventory.
  • Products that have been used and no longer appear the same as when they were shipped out are not accepted for return.
  • The products cannot be simply exchanged. Although the item can be returned and the amount added to store credit if you want to purchase another item. However, you will have to pay an additional sum for shipping.


  • We ship our products to almost every country. If your country is not present in the selection list contact us to avail assistance and place your order.
  • Depending on the weight of the order all orders are shipped either through priority mail or USPS first class.
  • The shipping charges are based on the weight and destination rather than price of the order.
  • Express shipping is also offered for the products you purchase on our web store and you can receive the order the next day or on the 2nd day. The guarantee for delivery along with the money back guarantee is offered by US postal service. 
  • It is advised that you check the address again before you submit the order as old addresses are automatically submitted through PayPal. We are not responsible for any shipments which were not received due to incomplete or wrong information provided.
  • Orders which can be fit into flat envelopes cannot be tracked. The orders which can be issued tracking numbers can be tracked as the tracking number for your order is sent to you via mail.
  • Even though it does not take long for domestic shipping the order might be delayed due to delay in domestic mail delivery. 
  • For international orders the minimum limit is 4 weeks, however it might be delayed more than this at times.
  • A customer who purchases our goods internationally has to pay custom charges and import fees along with having to bear with shipping risks. Three shipping types are offered to customers who shop internationally. The basic standard shipping option does not provide any tracking facilities. It can only be tracked till it has left the US due to the customs number which is used as a proof of shipping. After the package has left the US the status of the order is not updated, and by availing this mode of shipping the order might be untimely late or get lost. No comebacks will be entertained if the package is misplaced. In order to receive the package safely one could opt for the other two pricier options Priority Express shipping or Priority shipping.     
  • Some governments exempt customs fee for shipments with low costs, however you need to check the amount and make the payment according to your order. Kindly do not ask us to lower the prices on the invoice to get exempted from custom fees. 
  • Through the priority mail service you might know the details of your package and also when to expect it. We cannot guarantee the date of delivery since, unforeseen conditions might mess up the usual delivery system. The delivery duration for Priority Express is guaranteed by the US postal service. The ‘Priority Express’ option is only available for US deliveries.
  • Priority Mail service does not offer a money back guarantee on delays, however the Priority Express service does.